Friday, June 10, 2011

The Irish Harp

The Irish Harp

The harp that once throughout this land
Played Gods music to all our clans,
But no one listens to it anymore
Has our nation lost the score?

We will sing our songs and dance our jigs.
But do you think that other nations give a fig?
The Germans, French, Italians too
Don't give a damn what we do!

Great men of our land have built nations on foreign sands
From Stonewall Jackson and Robert. E. Lee,
In the great America that today we see.

So lets get together, one and all,
Raise our standard,don't let it fall
Show the world what we can do
When the Irish harp plays for you.

Brian Boru's Celtic Harp or Gaelic Harp

The Street Singer

The Street Singer

I'm standing here with  my cap in hand 
Singing for people all over this  land.
A thousand songs I know, or more,  
So throw me a shilling ,
I'll sing you a score.

Not for me a band to play,
 For I am singing 
Through towns everyday 
No hotels,no bed to lay,not enough money,
 To make my way 
People smile as they pass on by, 
They sometimes ask me the reason Why ?
I'm not a star on a Broadway show 
Or on TV I will never go.

For a smile is enough from a passer by, 
The street is my stage and my light the sky.  
I am not well dressed as you can see,
But I will sing you a song 
Even for free!

Submitted to dVerse Poets  Open link Night