Thursday, July 7, 2011

White Horses

White Horses 

The white capped waves they thunder in and shift
The sands to where the rocks begin,
A million years they have shaped the sands and 
created continents and brand new lands. 

To watch the white horses frolic and play, 
Is a joy to watch on a stormy day, 
But they are safe in their kingdom of sea, 
Where all their citizens wander free.

No government, King or Dictator there, 
To stop them wandering the world they share, 
Through forest dale of seaweed high, 
And wrecked old ships that are never dry. 

The wondrous sights they have seen, 
Where parasite man has never been.
Its natures job to keep them there and make the
White caps above their lair. 

So roll on waves don't say goodbye,
Keep your white horses riding high,
And we will watch and be well aware, 
Of the unleashed power that you have there!

 Submitted to dVerse Poets On their prompt for water

Submitted For Poetry Potluck
Jingle Poetry