Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stormy Seas

Bonaventura Peeters, the Elder 1640
Stormy Seas 

" Stormy weather " Old Sam said ,as he bought his boat into its head.
"Steer for the light at Tusker Rock and cut the nets or we're in for a shock" 

The nets were cut,the clouds raced on, 
Past old Sam's boat towards the dawn, 
But the waves got higher as he threw the helm, 
Hoping he would save his crew of men. 

"Cut the rigging,stow the mast,save the oars till the last,
Light the flare,send it high "
And he prayed they would see in this terrible sky 

"Bail fast lads and keep it out, before we flounder,I'll come about "
But The boat was heavy with water then 
And the waves 
They pounded the boat again. 

" I 'll not be beaten confound you sir "
As he roared at Neptune in his lair 
"Take to the oars my hearty boys
 for Neptune's playing us like one of his toys "

The boys pulled strong against the wind,
Three Leagues on and they would win,
Not for them a watery grave ,
Old Sam Shouted them on "be brave "

Now Neptune watched from down beneath
Amazed at the fortitude Old Sam did bequeath 
I'll spare you your men if you stand by my side 
Old Sam roared out  " I have my guide "

For the light at Tusker was nearer now 
It's shiny rocks a glimmering brow 
"heave to that line and make it strong or 
Neptune will have us all gone" 

They climbed up on those slippery rocks 
Old Sam knew that he had outfoxed
King Neptune standing way out there 
Waving his trusty trident, furiously in the air! 

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