Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Harvest Time
Harvest Time from The  National Library Of Ireland

O land of plenty,land of few,
Your emerald crown covers you,
Your terrible waste of fertile soil,
That sends its produce abroad to spoil!.

Let sense prevail in your fair land,
Store your crops for future clans,
Store them strong and store them well,
So that
Young seeds,
Prides may swell!  

Our History in its past,
Is long,
The jewels in its arts,
So strong,
Don't fence it in,
Just let it grow,
Then harvest
In the after glow.

The blight that hit us long ago
Drove us from the homes we know,
But that is gone, long past by.
Is it right that it should affect us now?

So put away your pesticides of hate,
Stand tall ,have pride in your state,
Gently gather in your crops
For now the killing
Has got to
Stop !  

Submitted to dVerse Poets for their Open Lnk Night 


  1. If only many would say the same, but most tend to play the killing game, still, sad but true. Great piece!

  2. Thanks for sharing Ken, I enjoyed this piece and the appropriate picture with it. I am just reading a book called: "Children of the Troubles" so your poem fell on fertile ground in my heart.

  3. nice...i like the strong voice you end on...if only we could walk away from the killing what a change that would be...

  4. Ahh Ireland, most beautiful place on God's green earth (in my humble opinion!) I like how you took the famine and loss of crops and used it as metaphor for loss of the disheartened young. As an outsider looking in, it seems that the hatred and political temperature of Ireland has changed much even in the past ten years since our first visit. Enjoyed reading this. A wonderful piece with 'food for thought' in many ways.

  5. Enjoyed the flow of history...

  6. Such a beautiful land. Of course all of us descended from troublemakers who abandoned the Emerald Isle in 1848 hope your land can dwell at peace. It's the young hotheads you'll have to convince. Keep Ireland not for sale. And grow the forests once again, as well. If you can!


All comments appreciated ...thank you Ken