Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An Irish Christmas Welcome

An Irish Christmas Welcome 

Gather around my fire dear friend, sup awhile with me,
Enjoy my Christmas fare my friend, you're as welcome as can be,
For is it not the Irish way, though stranger you maybe, 
To share our home with you my friend with hospitality ! 

The Irish way at Christmas time is fun and a joy to see,
When all the love and happiness is given quite free,
So join our happy band and sing some some songs with me, 
The fiddle and the harp will play a lively jig for thee!

So if your Feeling Lonely with nothing else to do 
Or if your all alone and really feeling blue,
Stand up straight and be quite bright,for there is nothing else to do,
But to have an Irish Christmas and join a friend or two!           

Photo by @Spreadshirt

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  1. ha sounds like a rip roaring time...hope you have a wonderful christmas yourself...

  2. Wonderful. There is a lot of Irish in my family...
    Merry Christmas to you!


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