Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Soilders Christmas

A Soldiers Christmas.

In a foreign land on a far away shore,
A Soldier on guard asks no more.
To protect the people he was sent here for,
And give them security and much, much more.

But as he gazes at a star lit sky,
He asks himself the reason why,
Of these people so poor and thin,
Are harried, tortured and some are killed.

Not for them this Christmas day,
In this barren land so far away.
But the cry of a mother giving birth,
And a child is born on this Christmas night

Like our Savior on this fateful day,
Who had to flee and stay away,
This baby will wander the same way,
So pray for this child of heavenly grace
And Peace be upon  him for God's sake !

Peace ! 

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